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For those looking to accelerate in the industry, NIC Academy offers boot camps, certificate programs, and courses to educate investment and finance professionals in the senior housing and care industry. Your instructors are experienced leaders in the industry and will share invaluable skills from decades of experience. 

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Introduction to Senior Housing and Care Industry

The US is going through a major demographic shift, as Baby Boomers begin to need access to care and life expectancy increases. The nation’s aging population increases the demand for senior living facilities, particularly those which serve higher acuity cohorts that require assistance with activities of daily living. This course will provide a sweeping introduction to the industry.

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The Capstone Experience is the exciting and enriching conclusion, where we bring together what you’ve learned. The project is a case study, where you will integrate insights and information and employ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The information we gather from the prior courses will enable us to collaborate on the development of this exciting culminating project.

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The Anatomy of a Senior Housing Transaction​

Since transactions typically involve large sums of money and significant commitment, every transaction in our industry must follow a legal process and generate the necessary paperwork to protect both parties. This course, which is based on a real-world case study, will break down one transaction in detail, to provide you with an authentic acquisitions-focused experience.

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Capital Markets​

The Capital Markets course provides a comprehensive understanding of valuation analysis, asset returns, real estate financing, various types of financing, transaction activity, emerging trends and innovations within capital markets.

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