This Course is Only Offered as Part of the Certificate Program

The Capstone Experience is the exciting and enriching conclusion, where we bring together what you’ve learned. The project is a case study, where you will integrate insights and information and employ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The information we gather from the prior courses will enable us to collaborate on the development of this exciting culminating project.

What the Capstone entails:

  • Intro to Case Study

  • Operating Pro Forma

  • Market Analysis

  • Valuation and Capital Structures for potential buyers

  • Offering Memorandum

  • Final Exam


  • Ryan Chase, Lead Instructor
    Executive Managing Director & Head of Market Strategy, Blueprint
  • Kari Onweller
    Senior Vice President, Partner & Investor Relations, Invesque
  • Mike Segal
    Executive Managing Director/Partner, BluePrint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors