Certificate Program Enrollment Pricing

Certificate Program Enrollment

The program consists of six courses, all conveniently offered online and intended to be completed in an asynchronous format. Once complete, candidates will receive a certificate in the Fundamentals of Underwriting Senior Housing & Care and a professional designation of CSHIP – Certified Senior Housing Investment Professional, I-III, which remains active for one year. To maintain active status after the first year, Senior Housing Certified Professionals must annually fulfill active status requirements.

    • Benefits of Designation and Active Status:

      • NIC Conference Discounts– 10% Discount (Including Early Bird) on the NIC Spring, Fall, and Data & Analytics Conferences
      • Discount on Future Courses/Certificate Programs– 10% Discount
      • Receiving a professional designation: CSHIP – Certified Senior Housing Investment Professional, I-III
      • Access to special presentations and webinars
      • Invitations to limited attendance events


      Active Status Requirements

      Once you’ve received the professional designation (CSHIP), you will have multiple options to choose from to maintain your active status on an annual basis:

      • Completing One Course: You will have a 10% discount on the course of your choosing, giving you a $950 course for $855


      • Administration Fee: $500


      • Attend at least three sessions at any NIC conference!

      (10% Discount, which can be combined with other discounts for the NIC Spring Conferences, NIC Fall Conferences, and Data & Analytics Conferences)