Empowering Senior Housing with AI: Unleashing the Potential of Large Language Models

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As Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions grow more sophisticated and prominent, they are transforming industries, including senior living. Artificial intelligence tools supplement and enhance human intelligence. In this course, you will learn to generate prompts to facilitate desired outcomes, utilize AI to parse large or unmanageable datasets, and generate recommendations based on data and structured inputs.


  • Kyle Gardner, Lead Instructor
    COO, NIC MAP Vision
  • Arick Morton
    CEO, NIC MAP Vision
  • Erin Adair
    Online and Distance Education Coordinator, NC State University, NIC MAP Vision
  • Grant Hamm
    CTO, NIC MAP Vision
  • Jeff Durkin
    Vice President, New Product Development, NIC MAP Vision
  • Liisa Akkola
    Chief of Staff to the CTO, NIC MAP Vision