Market Analysis

This Course is Only Offered as Part of the Certificate Program

The senior housing and care industry currently serves over three million residents in a rapidly growing demographic. The majority of residents in senior housing and care properties are over 80 years old, less than 15% of that demographic.

 What you will learn:

  • Market area, digging into drive times, natural boundaries, census geography information and market data
  • Demand, supply, and competition, including demographic trends that are unique to both the resident and the adult-child, as well as existing and future supply
  • Indirect competition, in the form of both home and community-based services
  • Penetration rates, absorption, and occupancy, learning about capture rates and penetration rates, projecting absorption, and understanding stabilized occupancy trends in various markets
  • Labor market challenges, both nationally and regionally, and the impacts these challenges have on the industry
  • Emerging trends and innovation and the potential effects of market analysis.



  • Kevin McMeen,Lead Instructor
    Co-founder of MidCap Financial
  • Andrew Lavinder
    Financial Managing Director, Real Estate, MidCap Financial
  • Charles Turner
  • Lory Brin
    Managing Director, Head of Healthcare Real Estate, MidCap Financial