Introduction to Senior Housing and Care Industry

This Course is Only Offered as Part of the Certificate Program

The U.S. is going through a major demographic shift, as Baby Boomers begin to need access to care and life expectancy increases. The nation’s aging population increases the demand for senior living facilities, particularly those which serve higher acuity cohorts that require assistance with activities of daily living. This course will provide a sweeping introduction to the industry. 

What you will learn:

  • The continuum of care and the various property types and services
  • The History of Senior Housing and Care industry, from the inception of senior housing and care in the U.S. to where it’s headed in the future
  • The value proposition and the role of senior housing and care in society
  • Major players in the industry
  • The role of NIC and the trade associations, trade media, and data sources
  • An exploration of innovation and emerging trends



  • Kurt Read,Lead Instructor
    Principal, RSF Partners
  • Bill Kauffman
    Senior Principal, Research & Analytics, NIC
  • Bob Kramer
    Co-founder & Former CEO, Strategic Advisor, NIC
  • Caroline Clapp
    Senior Principal, NIC
  • Emma Rosen
    Director, RSP Partners
  • Kyle Gardner
    COO, NIC MAP Vision
  • Maria Nadelstumph
    Senior Vice President, The Brandywine Center of Excellence, Brandywine Living
  • Omar Zar
    Principal, NIC
  • Ray Braun
    President and CEO, NIC
  • Serena Lipton
    Programming Curation Manager, NIC

Optional Prerequisite Resources

  • Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling the Complete Guide
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