Ryan Chase


This Course is Only Offered as Part of the Certificate Program

The Capstone Experience is the exciting and enriching conclusion, where we bring together what you’ve learned. The project is a case study, where you will integrate insights and information and employ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The information we gather from the prior courses will enable us to collaborate on the development of this exciting culminating project.

What the Capstone entails:

  • Intro to Case Study

  • Operating Pro Forma

  • Market Analysis

  • Valuation and Capital Structures for potential buyers

  • Offering Memorandum

  • Final Exam


  • Ryan Chase, Lead Instructor
    Executive Managing Director & Head of Market Strategy, Blueprint
  • Kari Onweller
    Senior Vice President, Partner & Investor Relations, Invesque
  • Mike Segal
    Executive Managing Director/Partner, BluePrint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors

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